Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Friday!

Thanks for participating in our first give away.  We are inspired and ever grateful to those creative people we feature and our readers/followers!

Today is all about the Cool Comments we receive here on the blog.

1st up is Leslie who commented on our "I Can Sew With This" post during our first feature week. 

Leslie said...

I used it for the lining of a diaper bag that I made... & a matching changing pad. It's easy to just wipe clean so I thought it was perfect.  

I am loving this new idea.  Thanks Leslie!

For our My Spotlight Monday on Cluck Cluck Sew, our reader Francis' comment is a source of inspiration to use for first time quilters.

Francis said...

Cluck.Cluck.Sew is the reason I became brave enough to venture from small baby quilts to my first king size quilt! I am a young mom & wish there were more young girls learning to quilt these days. If you've done any sewing, you should jump in a try a quilt! You'll be surprised how easy it is.

I had some great tips from reader after my Refashion ideas request on my last Fun Friday Post and wanted to share the great link from Never Enough Bows.  Now I just need to refashion the outfit!
Never Enough Bows said...

I fall into that trap where I have a ton of clothes I want to refashion, but no ideas. This blog here is awesome, refashions a new article of clothing each day. It's given me tons of inspiration. Hope that helps and good luck!

We love reading the comments, tips, links and ideas from our readers!  Have a wonderful and FUN Friday!

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  1. New dress a day is a great blog! She is totally inspiring and teaches us how ot look at clothing differently. I have a whole new outlook for the thrift shop, and I was already pretty open minded to begin with. :)


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